Feb 01, 2016

All we know about Florida is true: constant summer, Miami Heat, smooth roads, almost no public transportation, orange trees plantations and lots of people in their late 50’s having a good times.

You may also add a great hipster Wynwood art district with murals, bakeries and coffee shops, fancy South Beach with nightclubs and bars or a great Miami bay where cruise ships there way to Caribbean. 

Florida begins with stunning Key West and then following with Miami, Boca Raton, West Plam Beach, Jupiter up north along the great 95 interstate road.

If every big city is a magnet for you, you might get bored in FL but will miss it again in everyday urban rush.

Our mindset is born from our adventures in which we explore the world and ourselves.

Take your adventure with GUD bags.


Miami International Airport | Photo: @gudbags

95 Interstate road, Miami | Photo: @gudbags

Miami bay, Florida | Photo: @gudbags

Apple store, Miami | Photo: @gudbags

Downtown Miami, Florida | Photo: @gudbags

South Beach (left); Wynwood (right), Miami, Florida | Photo: @gudbags

Wynwood art district, Miami | Photo: @gudbags

South Beach, Miami | Photo: @gudbags

Jupiter, Florida | Photo: @gudbags

Jupiter, Florida | Photo: @gudbags

Jupiter, Florida | Photo: @gudbags

Jupiter, Florida | Photo: @gudbags

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