Oct 20, 2015

Every city that we visit and people we meet along the way captivate us so much that it all becomes a part of us, and we give ourselves a promise to come back some day again. Discovering new places and meeting people are the best experiences in life. It all fuels us up with new emotions, influence our perception of life and that’s the way how we figure ourselves out.

This time with permanent rain, dense cloudy sky and dark sea it was something mysterious in the Istanbul adventurous journey.

Dare to take your adventure.


Photo: @gudbags

CNR Expo center, Istanbul

Bahçelievler district, Istanbul

Street food stand | Bahçelievler district, Istanbul

Beyoğlu district, Istanbul

Bahçelievler district, Istanbul

Haydarpaşa Terminal, Istanbul

Süleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

InterContinental Hotel, Istanbul

Galata Bridge, Istanbul

Yenikapı port, Istanbul

Süleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul

Up in the sky, Turkey

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