ROUTE reflect

  • Exterior is made from lightweight reflective fabric that makes you super visible in the dark even under minor light exposure
  • Main compartment features 2 zipper sliders for convenient opening in both sides
  • Convenient reverse geometry opening of the main compartment 
  • Internal detachable zippered pocket that can be removed from the bag
  • Has a seamless attractive and clean design
  • 40mm webbing with fastex buckle made from thermoplastic Nylon with good impact resistance, high mechanical resistance, and excellent sub-zero tenacity

18 Х 13 Х 12 cm


2 L

Special feature

exterior reflective fabric for extra visibility in the dark


2 years

Made in Ukraine

  • Inside detachable zippered pocket for stashing small items
  • The belt webbing is long enough so it can be worn across the chest or back and still be tightened enough to be worn around the waist
  • Elastic ring to hold up the extra webbing 
  • Внутрішня сітчаста кишеня на задній стінці для організації дрібних речей
  • Безшовний дизайн і двосторонні блискавки допоможуть захистити ваші речі від дощової погоди та снігової вологи