GUD is a brand of reliable, handy and practical backpacks, bags and travel accessories.

We create high quality carry products perfect for travel, daily commute, sports or studying since 2012.

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Each of our products is constructed with quality materials and made to last:

  • lightweight durable rainproof fabric
  • practical and reliable construction
  • capacious compartments
  • nice lining, hardware and detail materials

GUD is a style-conscious brand that make practical utility products.

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GUD backpacks are made to meet a neat and pure design with an everyday utility. Every GUD product in produced at our own production facility. We are in constant search for a new material to make every GUD product better and pass a test of time.

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We live only once. Every day we take chances to live our lives at the fullest. Every day is an adventure that can take you somewhere.

GUD – is your everyday adventure mate

Do something cool and it's going to turn something around

Dare to take an adventurous path – your GUDventure.

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